The Art and Science of YouTube Views

The art and Science of YouTube views
With the growing penetration of smartphones in India, a lot of people are consuming data on videos. This has given rise to many YouTube influencers who project themselves as vloggers in different categories such as fashion, beauty, fitness and education among others. These youTubpreneurs have become a big source of revenue for companies and individuals. However, a large number of viewers are required to make YouTube monetisation a sustainable business model.

Create a custom thumbnail for your videos so that they stand out from the competition and look professional. This strategy helps you attract more attention and increase your chance of getting clicked on. It’s also a good idea to include keywords in the description of your videos so that YouTube can find them in search results.

Try to keep your video lengths between 5 and 15 minutes. This tends to be the sweet spot for most YouTube viewers and leads to higher engagement and retention.

Use YouTube’s “coming next” cards to promote other videos on your channel that your audience may be interested in watching. This is a great way to work in another call-to-action without interrupting your viewer. The art and Science of YouTube views



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