ZAZA Red, a Popular Drug Called “Gas Station Heroin” by Addicts, Is Getting Attention For Its Dangerous Side Effects

ZAZA Red, a popular drug called “gas station heroin” by addicts, is hitting the headlines for its dangerous side effects and addictiveness. The product, which binds to opioid receptors in the brain, has been linked to addiction, overdose, and death. The drug has been sold as a dietary supplement in American gas stations and convenience stores. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate it, so sellers can make claims like claiming it helps with depression or anxiety. It is usually marketed as a kratom extract and often includes phenibut and other chemicals.

Tianeptine, which is found in ZAZA Red, works differently from antidepressants. The chemical boosts energy and alertness, similar to the way caffeine does. People who have used the drugs say they get an exhilarating feeling that lasts for about four hours. It is also a powerful stimulant, so it can cause dizziness, blurred vision, and dry mouth. Zaza Red Extra Strength pills and liquid shots have higher doses of tianeptine than other versions.

Some users report that they need to consume 3000mg daily of ZAZA Red Extra Strength in order to feel the full effect and avoid withdrawal symptoms. Combined with alcohol and other drugs, this dosage can lead to dangerous side effects, including life-threatening seizures. The combination of tianeptine and other legal highs is particularly dangerous because the drugs interact with the same Mu opioid receptors in the brain.

A woman named Kristin, who has been taking ZAZA Red for more than two years, says she’s had trouble with substance abuse before. She smoked crack cocaine in college and took prescription painkillers to manage her chronic back pain. But a doctor told her to stop the painkillers after a traumatic car accident, so she turned to ZAZA Red. She bought the high-dose pills at a local convenience store. The euphoria gave her relief and the ability to focus on her 11-year-old son’s baseball games, but she said her tolerance went up quickly.

She has been going through treatment to quit ZAZA Red and is in the process of getting her license back after losing it for drug possession. She is trying to find a job and take care of her son, but she still needs help overcoming her substance use disorder. She has been to detox centers and rehab facilities.

For people who want to quit a substance abuse disorder, residential treatment centers are often the best option. They can provide support and education away from the triggers that lead to drug addiction. A good treatment center will help a person learn how to manage stress and other issues that may be contributing to their addiction. Call today to learn more about a facility in your area. The number is 800-829-7350. You can also chat with a treatment specialist online to learn more about what options are available. You can live a happier, healthier life. Start your recovery today.



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