YouTube for Marketing

Marketing has changed over the years. It is not always easy to promote business, especially in times of uncertainty. It is certainly worth looking at YouTube for marketing and taking advantage of the potential traffic from the world’s premier video site.

Is using video content right for your business?

You may be hesitating and wondering if you should take the plunge and start using video. I would advise not to wait any longer. If you manage to create great videos you will find you start to get better traffic and more conversions.

YouTube offers you a massive audience for such a low cost. Years ago companies could only dream of this kind of exposure and YouTube for marketing was unheard of. Now with the power of video marketing you can make YouTube sales.

It is always nice to find you have gained a lot of viewers while you were sleeping. This is the beauty of YouTube as it is universally well known.

Keep in mind these strategies in your YouTube marketing:

Make use of the community

Millions of people worldwide use YouTube on a daily basis and take part in the online community if offers. You too could be a part of the community.

As part of your YouTube marketing strategy it is important to provide a content rich video to your viewers. It has to provide value and should keep their interest. The video should run for around two minutes as people may become bored if it is over long. Ensure that the picture and sound quality are both first class.

As your video become popular it will climb up the YouTube rankings and you will get even more viewers.

You are allowed to add comments to other people’s videos and they can do the same to your own. You must turn on this option though to let people comment.

Try to leave a decent comment rather than saying ‘nice video’. Give a comment of value as it will make others want to check out your videos. Show that you know something of the subject material.

You can also make friends with others on YouTube and they can friend you in turn. Once you do this you will find that you can watch each other’s videos. As a result of doing this, both of you can get traffic back to your websites.

Create a viral effect by sending your video to others to watch. If they like it they may pass it onto their friends. The more people that see it the more traffic you will get coming to your website. This is quite a powerful strategy to use when making use of YouTube for marketing


When your video is out there for others to watch you may find they subscribe to your YouTube channel. If your channel picks up viewers you can expect some nice traffic flowing back to your website. Try sending other YouTube community members a message asking them to take a look at your channel.

Use personal email

Here’s another nice tip when using YouTube for marketing needs. I am sure you have an address book of your business contacts. Send them an email with a link to your video. Better still; embed the video into the email itself. Tell your contacts to forward the message on if they liked it. Again this creates an incredible viral effect for your video.

Use social media

The nice thing about sites like Facebook and Twitter is that they encourage the sharing of content. YouTube has a button that is used for sharing video content on Facebook and Twitter.

Social media is very big now and something you should be using in your YouTube for marketing plan. You can obtain some nice traffic using this strategy.

For even more exposure and to gain traction in the Google search engine, go and bookmark your videos on the various bookmarking sites. For example:

• Reddit

• Stumble Upon

• Delicious

• Digg

Target your audience

If you want greater exposure and sales then you need to target your video content to specific audiences. If you are not doing this then you are creating a general video which will become lost in the millions of videos up on YouTube.

You will hit your sales faster if you target people who are interested in what you are offering. There is no point targeting people who are never going to buy from you.

Whenever I use YouTube for marketing I tend to target only specific groups of people I feel may be interested in my service.

When you target your audience it becomes easier to promote in the YouTube community. Also finding related blogs becomes a lot easier.

There are so many Facebook groups on offer that it is hard to know where to place your video. If you niche target you will make the job so much easier. youtube social shares



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