When to Start Your Child on Ustensiles


The use of utensils is an essential part of your baby’s developmental journey. They help strengthen and coordinate your baby’s hands and eyes, as well as build fine motor skills. Using utensils also provides your baby with an opportunity to practice their self-feeding skills and gain independence.

When to start your child on utensils

Most kids will be ready to begin learning to use utensils around 14-24 months, but this varies by individual. Once they’re able to sit with good posture, have strong core muscles, and are able to hold a spoon in their hand, it’s time!

Wooden utensils are made from a natural, renewable resource. Unlike plastic, which requires a significant amount of energy for production, wooden utensils require significantly less. This is because, unlike the plastic process, 99% of the water used by trees during the production of wooden utensils reenters the ecosystem through transpiration.

Another important aspect of wooden utensils is that they’re biodegradable. Unlike plastic, which takes hundreds of years to break down in the environment, wooden utensils can be broken down and reformed into new items. They can even be reformed into furniture or other kitchen utensils! This reduces the need to produce more single-use plastics, which have a wide range of negative environmental impacts. When choosing your wooden utensils, look for those that have been responsibly sourced by local artisans or are certified by an independent organization to ensure that the wood was grown and harvested in a sustainable manner. Ustensiles



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