When Does Minecraft 1.15 Come Out?

It is no secret that there are plenty of people who are anxiously waiting for Minecraft 1.15 to be released. And with a few major new features in the works, it’s likely to be one of the most exciting releases in the game’s history. But before you head straight for the store to pick up a copy, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Bug fixes

If you’re one of the many people who is awaiting the release of the 1.15 update for Minecraft, you’re in luck. Not only is this update available, but it also includes several bug fixes and a new feature called Buzzy Bees!

Buzzy Bees are flying bonemeal dispensers that pollinate crops near their nest. They are also able to sting monsters.

The Buzzy Bees Update fixes a number of bugs and adds a few other features. However, players must be sure they’re installing the right version.

Before you can install this update, you’ll need to download and install Java Edition. After downloading the appropriate version, open the launcher and click play.

If you’re playing Java Edition, you’ll need to select the appropriate language. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to see a list of changes and bug fixes.

Some of the other bugs fixed in this update include an issue with boats. These boats can now smelt six items. Additionally, you can now collect honey from dispensers.

The Cargo – Tools Hatchet skin has been changed to fix graphical issues. You’ll also notice a fix to the Deep Freeze Revolver skin.

Also, the /debug report option has been added. This will allow players to report performance bugs.

A few more notable changes included a fix for a sand bug. Players will no longer drop sand on boats and get corrupted cacti, bamboo, and sugarcane.

Another bug fixed is when players jump off a boat in the water. When they fall, they’ll take damage.

Other bugs include a fix for the infamous curse of vanishing networks. This curse no longer works on donkeys, horses, and llamas.


If you are an avid Minecraft player you probably already know what the update is called. But you may not know what’s in it. Mojang hasn’t announced the complete list of features, but it’s safe to assume that it will include the following.

Buzzy Bees is the name of the update that introduces bees to the game. It also improves performance and fixes bugs.

The Enderman is a mob that can be found throughout the entire realm. They are tameable and can drop ender perils and 5 experience points. They can be found in overworld biomes and can teleport to waterlogged blocks.

The Nether is another new area of the game. It has five biomes and some new mobs. Some of them can be traded. You can spawn portals in the Nether to link to overworld portals.

The Structure Gel mod adds more Ender creatures and structures. This mod also includes new armor and weapons. In the future, Mojang has planned to release more updates to the game.

Another new feature is the Mystic Enderminion. This mob is special in that it can trade items with other players. It also shoots fireballs instead of swords.

This mob is more of a cryptid than a regular Enderman. It has a special attack and three variations.

Another new type of mob is the Mystic Enderminion. It is tameable and can trade items with other players. These creatures are great for finding seeds.

In addition, the Nether update has redesigned the entire dimension. The five biomes were given new items, structures, and mobs.

For those looking for something more than just bees, the update also added six more hunger points.

Buzzy Bees

The Buzzy Bees update introduced bees to the game. These little bumblebees collect pollen from nearby flowers and bring it back to their nest.

This can help accelerate crops. But do beware that they will sting you if they get too close. In addition to stinging, bees also carry honey. If you are harvesting the sweet stuff, make sure you are at least three blocks away from the bees.

Bees can be found in several different types of biomes in the game. Some of these are flower forests, sunflower plains, and plains. Generally, bees can be found nestled into trees.

There are two main types of bees to keep an eye out for. Beehives are the stronger of the two and can house up to three bees. For best results, the best location to find bees is in a flower forest.

Honey Blocks are decorative blocks that have unique properties. Raw honey can be crafted into a fancy Honeycomb block. When crafted, the block will stick to nearby blocks.

Honeycombs can be used to create beehives. It is also possible to create a decorative block using four Honeycombs.

While it is not a new feature, the Buzzy Bees update brings several other improvements to the game. These include improved performance, beekeeping equipment, and bug fixes. Hopefully, this will make the game more stable and efficient.

You can get this update through the launcher or through Minecraft’s official website. Keep in mind that it’s a small update, so it’s not as big as its predecessors.

The Buzzy Bees update includes the bees, honey, and other bee related features. As such, the update is important for the future of the game.


The upcoming update to Minecraft is called 1.15. This update will be available on May 5, 2018. It includes bug fixes and improvements to the game.

There are several new features included in the update. These include a new weapon, a new combat tool, and a new way to collect honey.

The update also introduces a new multiplayer mode called Tower. In this mode, up to four players can play in cooperative gameplay. Players can choose to have the difficulty adjust to their level when they join or drop out.

Another feature added in this update is the Cloud Saves feature. By using the Cloud Saves feature, you can save your game anywhere. Moreover, this update adds localization support.

In addition to this, the Buzzy Bees Update is also released. This update includes new bees in the game. When you kill a bee, it drops a stinger that will attack monsters in the vicinity.

The update also adds a few new items and structures. Some of these are made of wood and iron. Other structures are made of stone.

You can now use a dispenser to collect water bottles and honeycombs. These can be placed in an armor stand to give players a more efficient way of collecting them.

Another update in the game is the Fauna Faire event. The Faire is a mob-densest celebration. During the event, you can expect animal-themed cosmetics and emotes.

In addition to these, the Caves and Cliffs update is now broken up into two parts. The first one added a major overhaul to the caves and cliffs.

The second one was meant to fix bugs. It was split to allow developers more time to make it better.
Spectator mode

Spectator mode is a great way to experience Minecraft. You can fly around, view secret areas, and explore tunnels and mineshafts without being noticed. However, you can’t pick up or interact with any objects in your inventory.

If you’re unfamiliar with Spectator Mode, you may be wondering how to access it and what it can do. Using this feature is a good idea if you’re lost in the game and don’t know where to go next.

Spectator mode allows you to see through walls, pools of lava, and even the inside of a void. It’s also very helpful when you’re exploring an abandoned mineshaft.

In order to use Spectator Mode, you must have a special potion. The Potion of Night Vision is required, as well as the ability to fly. Unlike Survival and Creative modes, Spectator Mode is not affected by fire, drowning, or suffocation.

Spectator mode is a fun gamemode to play, but there are some downsides. For one, a player can’t pick up or place blocks. Also, the color of the outline is largely dependent on the player’s team.

In addition, a spectating player is not affected by ill effects like hunger, thirst, and suffocation. They can still be damaged by /kill. But the player’s head is visible, and attacks pass right through them.

Spectator mode can only be enabled through special commands. These commands can be found in the lower left corner of the game window. Once you find the command you want, press Enter. Spectator mode is not available if you aren’t using a PC or Mac. Similarly, it’s not available if you’re playing on a legacy console.



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