What You Need to Know About Utility Management

If you’re in the utility management industry, then you must have a strong attention to detail. Your job involves ensuring that a company’s energy and water consumption is monitored and controlled. It also includes tracking the status of projects and implementing sustainability goals.

In order to become a utility manager, you need to complete at least a bachelor’s degree or college diploma in the field of your choice. This may include a public administration, urban planning, or engineering degree. You should also consider earning a professional engineer (P.Eng) certification if your role involves transmitting or distributing electricity, natural gas, or heating oil. Additionally, some positions require provincial or territorial licences for water use and distribution.

Managing utilities internally can be time-consuming and all-encompassing. It can result in endless rounds of phone calls and emails trying to find the best deal. Outsourcing your utility management to a team of experts is a great way to take the hassle out of this process and let you get on with other important tasks.

A good utility management system will help you to monitor & track all your equipment’s. It will also allow you to control & reduce your energy consumption which is crucial for saving money. The system can also help you to set up work orders which have a checklist and all the details of the tasks that need to be done, which saves your time. The system can also set alerts & warnings when your utility limit is approaching so you won’t have to worry about it anymore. utility management



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