What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a process where you can resolve your family issues without going to court. It is usually quicker, cheaper and less stressful than going to court and encourages parents to work together. It focuses on the interests of your children and helps to find solutions that will work for all parties.

When preparing for your mediation session it is important that you bring any written notes, questions and all relevant paperwork with you to the session. This will assist in ensuring that you make the most progress from your mediation session. It is also worth bearing in mind that mediation can be emotionally challenging, especially where there is a lot of emotional pain and past hurt being expressed. If you have young children, it may be preferable that they are left with a caretaker or someone else during the mediation session.

A Family mediation will typically be carried out in a series of joint sessions with the mediator facilitating the discussion and helping both parties to identify their issues and to find a solution that works for them. Sessions are normally two to three hours long. Sessions can be held face to face, or online (depending on your needs). If there is too much hostility between the parties then mediation can also be done in separate rooms with the mediator’shuttles’ between them. https://derby.lakesmediation.co.uk/



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