What Everybody Should Know About YouTube Marketing

When someone says social media marketing, what immediately comes to mind? Probably Facebook or Twitter, right? Facebook and Twitter are usually the first things you think of while YouTube often gets forgotten. But YouTube can be an integral part of your internet marketing if you know how to exploit all it has to offer. One of the key things to remember about YouTube is that it is owned by Google. By having a YouTube account, you can increase your likability to Google’s search engine algorithm. This can mean increased traffic to your website and increased revenue.

Here are some tips for getting started with YouTube.

1. First and foremost, create a YouTube profile. People want to know who you are and what you’re all about. Include pertinent information about you and your business.

2. Create a customized channel, complete with your brand. Your YouTube channel represents you and your business.

3. Make multiple videos. The more videos you have, the better. Make quality videos with good content so more people will like you. The more people who like you, the more people will subscribe to your channel. That’s free advertising.

4. Use keywords in your title, description and tags section. You want your video to be easy to find by YouTube’s search bar and Google’s. There are several tools available for free on the internet to help you use the right keywords to get the maximum amount of traffic to your channel or videos. Improving your search engine ratings will increase your popularity on YouTube, gaining you more subscribers. More subscribers mean more traffic and more traffic is always a good thing.

5. Don’t forget to create a link to your website on YouTube. Also be sure to link your YouTube videos on your website or even Facebook or Twitter.

6. Get involved in YouTube’s massive community. View other people’s videos and comment. Be helpful and courteous.

7. There are endless options of videos you can create. You can create a tutorial with step by step instructions on how to do something. You could also show a personal side and allow people a glimpse into who you are. If your videos are entertaining, you’ll have tons of subscribers in no time. Make your video stand out from the rest. And no, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a good video. People care more about the content of your video than fancy smoke and mirrors.

8. When you get comments and replies to your videos, respond back. Let people know you’re there for them and care about them. The more engaged you are, the more excited they will be about you and your business.

9. Partner up with like-minded individuals and businesses. This is a great way to get other people interested in you and what you have to offer.

10. K.I.S.S. or Keep It Simple Stupid. Do you really need a video that’s 42 minutes long? Probably not. More importantly, most people won’t watch a video on YouTube for that long. get youtube comment likes



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