What Does Your iPhone Color Say About You

As we all know, our iPhones are an extension of ourselves — and the color of your phone can say a lot about you. The Wall Street Journal recently tapped Kate Smith, a psychologist and color theorist, to explain what the different hues of your smartphone really say about you.


People who opt for a silver or gray iPhone may value purity and simplicity. They may also have a levelheaded and composed personality that allows them to navigate challenges with ease.


A person who chooses a black iPhone may be an introvert or extrovert. For introverts, this may be a non-attention seeking choice, while for extroverts it could symbolise power and elegance, or even professionalism.


Often associated with femininity and compassion, people who choose a pink iPhone are likely to be caring and compassionate individuals with a sensitive demeanor. This color is also known for being playful and energetic — so people who choose this phone are likely to be very creative individuals as well.


People who choose a purple iPhone are probably quite creative individuals who like to think outside the box. This shade is also known for being enigmatic and mysterious, so these people are likely to have a unique personality.

Product Red

This special edition iPhone is a partnership with (RED) to help fight AIDS in Africa. A person who chooses this colour iPhone may be passionate about helping others and be very generous with their time and money.what does your iphone color say



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