Wedding Suit Styles for Groomsmen

There are many different wedding suit styles to choose from, allowing groomsmen the freedom to express their personal style on one of the most important days of their lives. However, it’s also a time to keep certain dress code dynamics in mind.

For example, the couple may have a black tie or full-tie dress code that requires everyone in the wedding party to wear suits. If this is the case, a classic tuxedo should be worn, with a black bow tie and cummerbund or formal waistcoat for added elegance.

Lighter suit shades like beige and light grey work well at spring and summer weddings, while fall and winter ceremonies call for darker tones like navy blue and charcoal gray. If the wedding is taking place at a beach or other destination location, a lighter linen suit can help ensure that the men stay cool and comfortable in the tropical heat.

Power suits, which often feature wide lapels and double-breasted designs, are an ideal option for grooms who want to look jaw-dropping on their big day. These suits are the epitome of sleek, sophisticated style, and they pair nicely with a classic white dress shirt and black tie or bow tie.

When shopping for a wedding suit, it’s crucial to consider color and fabric, as well as the fit of the suit. It’s also a good idea to budget for alterations, as most off-the-rack suits will require some level of tailoring to ensure that they look their best on the big day. Wedding suit



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