Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers

Manufacturer of standard and custom bioplastic packaging products including polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) bags. Capabilities include coating, printing, die cutting and flexography. Serves electronics, jewelry, textile, food, dinnerware, hardware, automotive, office supplies and recycling industries. Products are available in rollstock and in a variety of application specific grades. Products are designed to dissolve in hot or cold water. Manufacturer also provides heat seal coating, printing and embossing services.

The company offers a large variety of medical disposal bags used to collect contaminated instruments, articles, bed sheets and linens in hospitals or nursing homes. They are ideal for minimizing staff contact with soiled laundry. These medical waste bags prevent the spread of diseases such as blood borne pathogens or MRSA and pests such as bed bugs. They are completely dissolved during the cold wash laundry process and offer an environmentally friendly and hygienic solution.

PVA or polyvinyl alcohol is a synthetic organic polymer that has the unique property of being water soluble in an aqueous environment. This makes it a perfect material for manufacturing water soluble bags. In addition to being safe for the environment, the dissolved polyvinyl alcohol can be reabsorbed into the surrounding water and biodegraded in the natural cycle. In fact, a number of manufacturers of these bags use European laboratory H2OK which is Europe’s leading research facility in the field of ecological polymers to improve formulation and control the technical and environmental aspects of their products.

Aside from being a biodegradable plastic, the H2OK bag has another advantage over traditional plastic bags in that it does not require any composting system for disposal. This is because unlike the compostable bags, H2OK does not require a specific atmosphere to degrade and breaks down into carbon dioxide and water in an aqueous environment.

In addition, the H2OK bag has a higher degree of solubility than PVA in cold water, and its solubility decreases with temperature. This is important because it allows a larger quantity of the H2OK bag to be placed into the washer or dryer, thus reducing the amount of water required to dissolve the material in the washing machine.

The manufacturer of the H2OK bag produces several different types of these bags, all of which are made from high-quality raw materials and comply with strict European standards. These bags are crafted for a wide range of purposes, such as for isolating soiled laundry in hospitals or storing powder agrochemicals. The bags are made from a transparent film and are printed with the hazard warning symbol and the product information. They can be sealed with a heat-sealed film or tied shut using the attached string. The bags are also suitable for industrial and domestic disposal. water soluble bag manufacturers



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