Vintage Persian Rugs Are Treasured For Their Beauty and History

Vintage persian rugs are treasured for their beauty and history. They are a beautiful addition to any room and are often considered to be an investment worthy piece of art. They have a timeless classical elegance that is right at home in Western interiors. Their rich, exotic colors and artful, floral motifs inspire a powerful following.

Persian rug weaving began as a vernacular craft that was passed down from generation to generation. As time went on, it became more of a formalized industry with the emergence of urban cities. At the helm of this development were master rug weavers. Weavers in city areas were not as free as those in villages to design with their personal identities in mind. They were constrained by the demands of the market and had to adhere to set patterns.

As a result, the Persian rug designs and styles produced by the cities were standardized and easily identifiable. It is possible to tell if a rug was woven in Tabriz, Kerman, Hamadan, Khorasan, or Heriz just by looking at the design and color of the rug.

While the rug weavers in cities were establishing their identity as manufacturers, the weavers in the villages were still the designers and the weavers. Weavers in the villages used their art to express their individuality and their tribal heritage. They would use design symbols in their rugs to convey a story of their family or tribe. These symbols would later become part of the more standard paisley or boteh designs in modern Persian rug design.

The village weavers also designed with a sense of style that transcended the needs of the local markets. Consequently, some of the best Persian rug weaving in the world was created in the villages. It is a great joy for the collector to seek out these rare pieces.

Regardless of whether one is drawn to the formality of the rugs from the cities or the rustic charm of those from the villages, there are many wonderful antique Persian rugs for sale available today. The discerning collector will be able to find the perfect piece for his or her home.

Classic rug design is skillfully revived in the decor-smart blend of striking hues and high-touch textures. These rug are power-loomed for easy care and durability.

Antique Persian rugs have been an integral part of interior design for centuries. Their rich, classic colors and lush botanical motifs have a universal decorative appeal that complements virtually any style of interior design. With the addition of this heirloom-inspired rug, your home will instantly be transformed into a sanctuary of refined elegance.



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