Unique Gifts For Cyclists

If you’ve got a cycling fanatic in your life, getting them a gift they’ll really love is all about making sure it’s practical and useful. That means a quality winter jacket that will keep them warm on even the coldest rides, or this nifty bike tire clock made from a real 18 inch racing wheel, complete with a minimalistic frame to sit flush against the wall. But it’s not all about technical cycling gear; cyclists also love a bit of fun. This witty cycling t-shirt, or a personalised bike clock ornament will certainly give them a laugh – and a smile every time they glance at it.

If the person you’re buying for has a real passion for cycling, this online 12-week personalised training plan is the ideal present. They will get access to training videos, guides and blogs, plus work with a trained coach for monthly check-ins to make sure they are reaching their goals.

Whether it’s a ride to the cafe for cake, or a trip up a tough hill, cyclists love to test themselves and see how far they can go. This book is a great way to inspire them and help them push themselves further than they thought possible.

Cyclists know that chafing can turn a ride into a painful experience, and this cream is an easy solution. Simply rub it on any painful areas before a ride and they’ll be pain-free in no time.

This might be a slightly odd gift for a cyclist, but they will really appreciate it. The ‘infinity miles’ print on this mug will always remind them that they’re not just a cyclist, they’re a true lover of pedalling.

For a more useful gift, this LED light will make them more visible to motorists, particularly in the dark of winter. With a rechargeable battery and 150 lumens, it’s also a pretty stylish addition to any bike.

If they like to do their own maintenance, this heavy-duty mechanic’s apron is perfect for keeping all their tools neatly organised. They can also use it to clean their wheels and keep their clothes away from oily chains and sprockets.

This is one of those gifts that you can only buy from a small, independent business, and it’s bound to be appreciated by any cyclist. They’ll be able to show it off at home or on their next ride. unique gifts for cyclists



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