UK Car Warranties

The basic principle behind car warranties is a sound one. The idea is that you pay a flat fee and in return you receive cover in case your vehicle runs into problems.

Given that it all sounds so simple, why is it that buying a warranty always seems so difficult?

Many UK car owners complain that they are consistently paying too much for their policies. One problem has undoubtedly been the way that the UK car warranty market has traditionally operated.

Independent car warranty companies have looked to sell their policies to car dealerships and other car retailers. Those retailers have then sold the warranties on to consumers.

This approach enabled warranty companies to get easy access to market, while allowing car retailers to make a little extra when selling vehicles.

The big losers in this scenario have often been car owners. With a seemingly limited choice, we’ve been forced to purchase warranty agreements from car dealerships, often leading to us paying inflated prices.

The situation now looks set to change. A number of specialist warranty firms have realised that they can get access to consumers via the internet. They are now, as a result, looking to sell direct to car owners.

Such a change in stance brings with it the promise of lower prices and an increasing amount of transparency.

If we can compare prices online then we’re in a much better position to find the best deal.

UK consumers can finally take advantage of lower prices to get discounted rates on car warranties. extended warranty on used car



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