Truck Wash Area Investigation for North West Texas


While placing in a truck wash you really want to consider numerous things, for example, truck traffic counts, contest, work accessibility, water supply and expenses to set up a structure, purchase hardware and recover frameworks to treat the water. In Northwest TX there is critical truck traffic voyaging every one of the dirt roads on significant parkways and on the principal highways.

As of late, I was asked by a noble man; “I live in a little west Texas town of Tulia, TX. We are situated on I27 somewhere between Amarillo and Lubbock” and he wished to be aware on the off chance that this checked out for a truck wash. He noticed that a nearby truck stop siphoned exactly 30,000 gallons each day Truck Washing. Not much contrasted with highway fundamental courses in TX like I-20, I-10 or I-40 yet at the same time a fair measure of fuel. The following are a few extra contemplations regarding this matter;

Subsequent to evaluating the data you have examined and in that specific market I would suggest a minimal expense working with explicit active times; negligible expense building, slip pressure washer units (2) and rearranged recover filtration. Furthermore, I have worries with work supply there. Likewise on the off chance that I were you I would consider a Versatile Wash Unit to clean truck armadas in both Lubbock and Amarillo, too on off hours, due to the far removed area.

Downplay your truck wash unit in cost and I likewise need an explanation on water supply there and dry season issues as well. Might you at any point let me know if there is work accessible other than displaced people and what the dry season circumstance is as well? You see there are many elements to consider while working a truck wash and they should be in every way thought about you see



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