Top Refrigerant Recovery Machine

You can find a number of different refrigerant recovery machines on the market, but the best ones are those that offer an easy-to-use interface with clear instructions. They also offer multiple recovery modes like liquid, vapor and push-and-pull to help you tackle any leaks that may occur. Look for a unit that is lightweight and portable so you can move it around with ease. Some models even feature built-in wheels or large handles to make it easier to carry.

One good option is the Appion G5TWIN, which features a twin-cylinder design for fast results. The unit has simple controls and a durable case that can withstand heavy use. You can also buy replacement parts for the machine, which is a big plus when it comes to reliability.

Another good choice is the Inficon G1. This unit is designed with a 1-HP piston compressor that can work well in all conditions. It’s a small, lightweight unit that is perfect for a variety of jobs. You can even use it with R-22, R-410A and NU-22 units. It’s a good unit that is backed by a decent warranty.

The Fieldpiece MR45 is another great choice for a refrigerant recovery machine. It has a 1 HP motor and an oversized condenser to make it ideal for hot or humid environments. It can also recover a number of different refrigerants and has a high-pressure shut off switch to ensure safety. Top refrigerant recovery machine



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