The Ethical Challenges Faced by Artificial Intelligence

While innovation in other technologies can sometimes feel sluggish — as anyone who’s been waiting for the metaverse would know — artificial intelligence is full steam ahead. From learning how to perform tasks with superhuman precision and ability to bringing efficiency to how big data is processed, AI is revolutionizing the way we live.

And with each passing year, the technology gets even more powerful and more accessible. Last year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai famously predicted that “AI is more profound than electricity or fire.” And this isn’t just hyperbole: We’re already seeing the fruits of AI in our daily lives. College professors are tearing their hair out over AI text generators that can write essays as well as your typical undergraduate, and the possibility of an AI system that can write itself has moved closer.

This breathless energy is fueled by the fact that AI is a “scalable technology”: Throw more money at it, harness more data, train it longer, and it gets better. That’s why major tech companies regularly do eye-popping multimillion-dollar training runs for their neural networks, and why they’re working on endowing AI with more human-like reasoning.

However, while the promise of AI is exciting, it also poses some significant ethical challenges. One of the biggest is the risk that it could exacerbate political or social divisions by fostering AI-driven echo chambers. Personalized news feeds that recommend content to individuals are a great example of this, and it’s important that we ensure that these systems have the transparency and moral authority to prevent them from skewing our media diets.

Another challenge is that we must be sure that AI isn’t being used to cheat or defraud us. The fact is, AI can now be taught to recognize faces, objects, and words as well as your average high school student, and this can enable it to carry out dangerous tasks such as hacking into systems that control critical infrastructure or the stock market. And that’s why it’s crucial to ensure that these systems are properly vetted by experts and audited on a regular basis.

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