The Best Reusable Cold Cups for Coffee Lovers

When it comes to drinking your morning brew or afternoon pick-me-up, the cold cup you use makes all the difference. The right reusable cup can keep your drink hot or cold, depending on your preference, and stay in your hand without sweating. You also want it to be easy to clean and durable enough for a long life of frequent usage. It’s also important to find a design that matches your aesthetic.

With so many options on the market, it’s difficult to know which one is best for you. To help narrow down your search, we consulted with coffee experts and sustainability enthusiasts to see which cups, mugs, and tumblers they recommend. They gave us their favorite options that are good for both your wallet and the planet — from affordable to splurge-worthy, and everything in between.

For the budget-conscious, we recommend the clear compostable cold cup from World Centric. It’s made from heat-safe biodegradable materials sourced from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots, and sugarcane that will break down in about 180 days, making it a great option for reducing your plastic consumption. It’s BPA free, has a similar mouth feel to plastic, and is dishwasher safe.

The insulated cold cup from Corkcicle is ideal for those on-the-go. Its triple insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to 5 hours, while a ceramic-coated straw and convenient cup holder-friendly design make it easy to sip on the go. It’s BPA-free, and comes in several fun color options, including a matte black that won’t show fingerprints or stains.

If you’re a Starbucks regular, you may be familiar with the seasonal color-changing cold cups that they give away a few weeks after each new menu release. This summer, they released five different designs, and each has a unique party-themed look that’s sure to delight you. If you’re not a fan of the seasonal designs, don’t worry! Starbucks also offers nonseasonal reusable cold cups that you can purchase year-round.

Another eco-friendly option that’s a bit more expensive is the Kinto travel mug, which is made from post-consumer recycled plastic, so you can be confident your purchase is doing good in the world. It’s durable and comes in a variety of beautiful colors, and it’s recommended by many of our experts, including former coffee-shop managers and baristas. Em Orendorff likes it because it’s shaped like an actual handled mug, which is comfortable in her hands and easier to drink from. It also has a small but always open sip hole, so you can easily drink from it while walking or at your desk. This cup is a little less insulated than others, but it still holds your temperature well for several hours, and it has an attractive, minimal design that’s easy to fit in your purse or backpack. The price tag is slightly higher than other options, but it’s worth the investment for those who are serious about sustainable coffee consumption and reducing their waste.



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