The Best FTP App for Mac

While FTP clients are pretty basic applications, they’re not all created equally. Some feature different price-tags, feature lists and other important differences. There’s a number of well known paid FTP apps for the Mac, but what if you just want to upload a couple files and don’t want to spend a ton to do it? That’s why we’ve thrown together a list of the best free FTP clients for Mac OS X.

Mac OS X is, fortunately, blessed with a variety of really nice file transfer apps that support many services and protocols.


CyberDuck is one of the most popular FTP applications for Mac OS X for two pretty good reasons: features and price. CyberDuck offers a ton of features such as Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, RackSpace and even Google integration. Connecting to standard FTP servers is also a breeze with CyberDuck as you can easily save multiple FTP configurations as defaults for easy reconnection to multiple servers. While CyberDuck may be free, you can also choose to purchase it for $23.99 via the Mac App Store to get rid of the donation ad which shows when launching and quitting the application.

Price: Free with paid options.

Requires: OS X 10.6.6 or later

Developer: Swiss Made Software

Paid alternatives:

Transmit still manages to be the best pick of them all thanks to its comprehensive feature set, excellent user interface, and amazing speed.


Transmit is currently the FTP client to own if you’re on a Mac. Why is this? Simple, because Transmit offers pretty much everything you’d want in an FTP client. Not only can you upload and download files via a standard FTP server, but you can also take advantage of the built-in Amazon S3 and WebDav integration. Transmit also offers a feature under the name Transmit Disk. Transmit Disk allows you to mount your FTP and Amazon S3 servers as network drives on your Mac. Because of this, you can upload files to your FTP servers without Transmit even being open. All you have to do is drag and drop the into Finder. Alternative To WeTransfer



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