The Best Employee Communication Apps

There are many different best employee communication apps that can help foster collaboration and connection in your organization. They offer a variety of features, cover a range of communication kinds, and come in different price ranges.

Some apps are ideal for disseminating company news, while others are better for encouraging teamwork. You should also consider the scalability of your employee communication app to ensure it can grow with your organization.


Slack is a powerful communication tool that replaces email, text messaging, and instant messaging with one software program. It groups conversations into channels for specific purposes and allows team members to create private messages with individual teammates.

It also integrates with a variety of apps that enhance its functionality. For example, Loom offers video messaging features that can be used for training or short presentations that don’t require a live meeting. Disco facilitates peer to peer recognition and boosts company culture by allowing teammates to give each other digital kudos.

Polly is a seamless survey and polling app for Slack that provides instant results with valuable analytics. Cloverpop enables users to pin decisions in Slack, creating a searchable decision knowledge base that’s accessible to teammates at any time.


Chanty is an easy-to-use team communication app that allows employees to collaborate efficiently. It features Kanban board views, a task management system, and more to help teams stay on track. It also offers unlimited message history and guest user functionality.

With Chanty, team members can share announcements, start private or public conversations, conduct group and one-on-one video calls, and enable on-demand department huddles. They can also turn any conversation into a task, and the platform’s search feature makes it easy to find important information.

Moreover, the tool lets users share files inline and even code snippets for convenience. Its flexibility and adaptability make it a great tool for remote and hybrid working.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the flagship website of the Stack Exchange network, and provides a question-and-answer format for programmers to ask questions and share technical knowledge. The site is free and open to everyone. The company is headquartered in New York City, and has offices worldwide.

Unlike internal wikis and documentation, Stack Overflow answers are crowd-sourced and searchable. It also integrates with messaging platforms, making it easier for teams to find the information they need.

Its Content Health feature alerts subject-matter experts when content is stale or needs to be updated. It also provides a unified home for all your team’s answers and is easily integrated with key developer workflow tools.


Flock is an app that facilitates smooth, instant communication in the workplace. Its channels streamline decision making and problem-solving by organizing conversations around projects. It also offers one-on-one video calls and screen sharing to help clarify tone when text isn’t enough. The app is available on desktops, Mac computers, and mobile devices (iOS and Android). Its free version has basic communication features and storage, but the paid versions offer more functionality.

Unlike Slack, which has a simple interface but lacks enterprise features, and Microsoft Teams, which has a steep learning curve, Flock is an all-in-one team collaboration tool. It includes essential productivity tools like shared to-dos, image-based polls, and reminders.


Connecteam is an all-in-one employee app designed to serve deskless workers. It offers a range of operational, communication, and HR tools that streamline work processes and boost productivity.

Its communication features include one-on-one chat and broadcast capabilities. Some plans also come with functionality for company news, which can reduce scheduling confusion and keep employees informed.

Connecteam’s monitoring software keeps track of all activity on the platform. It also lets managers generate attendance, GPS, and timesheet reports that dissect various aspects of the business. However, Connecteam is not ideal for teams that are constantly on the go because it requires a stable internet connection.


Simpplr is an AI-interfaced employee communication platform that connects employees across departments, locations and time zones. It offers a user dashboard, activity feeds, event calendar, content sharing and social workspaces. It also provides an employee directory and federated search. It operates on a subscription based pricing model.

It enables organizations to create an intranet that is intuitive, mobile-responsive and easily manageable. It integrates with UKG Pro to automatically keep intranet users’ profiles in sync with employee journey events such as new roles and locations.

Its self-learning capabilities personalize and improve search based on user interaction. Additionally, it collects real-time feedback through micro-surveys embedded alongside content to provide valuable insights.



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