TAG Heuer Watch Repairs

A TAG Heuer watch is a beautiful timepiece that needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. Just like any luxury timepiece, a TAG Heuer can need battery replacement, repairs to the movement or even just a cleaning. Having your watch serviced by an authorized repair center is the best way to maintain your watch and avoid voiding its warranty.

While many people think that they can take their watch to a local jewelry store for repairs, this is typically considered unauthorized work and will void your warranty. If you are thinking of getting your Tag Heuer watch repaired by a non-authorized repair shop, make sure that the service provider has experience working on your type of watch.

An Authorized TAG Heuer repair center will work on your watch and offer a full range of services. The first step in the process is to examine your watch and diagnose the problem. The watchmaker will then provide a cost estimate based on the specific repair needed.

One of the most common repairs needed for a TAG Heuer watch is a replacement watch dial. This is usually required when the watch’s original dial has become damaged, scratched or worn out. The price of a new watch dial for a Tag Heuer watch will vary depending on the type of watch and model. A standard non-chronograph watch dial can cost around $150 while a chronograph model will run you about $300 or more.

Another common TAG Heuer watch repair is a crown and stem replacement. The crown is the knob used to set the date and time on your watch. If the crown becomes worn or damaged, this can cause issues with the movement of the watch. In some cases the crown may push the internal pin (called a stem) into the movement and this can cause the watch to stop functioning correctly. A repair to the crown and stem can be a relatively simple job for a modern Tag Heuer but on vintage watches it can be much more complicated.

Lastly, many owners of Tag Heuer watches require a bezel replacement. The bezel is the ring that surrounds the watch face. The bezel can be made from a number of materials including stainless steel, ceramic or gold. The cost of a new bezel for a Tag Heuer watch will vary based on the material.

If you are interested in having a Tag Heuer watch repair in New York City, be sure to contact Ron Gordon Watch Repair. He is a master watch repairman who works on vintage and modern TAG Heuer watches. He has a passion for the brand and takes pride in repairing and restoring each watch to its former glory. Contact him today to find out more about his repair and restoration services for your Tag Heuer watch. Tag Heuer watch repairs



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