Stylish Wine Fountains For Shabbat And Holiday Dinners

The Family Can Each Enjoy Their Own Cup Of Wine With This Stylishly Contemporary Fountain Set. The Head Of The Family Fills The Large Silver Cup That Stands On Top And Then The Wine Cascades Down Expertly Designed Canals To Six Smaller Cups Below. This Unique Judaica Design Is Sure To Be A Showstopper At Shabbat And Holiday Dinners.

Most of us have seen water fountains that spout lowly H20, but this vineyard in Italy is one-upping the game: Dora Sarchese Vineyard recently opened its first wine fountain to the public. Located in Caldari di Ortona in Central Italy’s Abruzzo region, the fountain dispenses locally-made Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colline Teramane DOCG to anyone who wants it, 24 hours a day, the Local reports. It’s part of a non-profit effort to honor the spirit of St. Thomas, an apostle who traveled from Rome to Ortona and is believed to be buried there. The non-profit, along with a group of locals, is helping pilgrims who travel to the area on the Cammino di San Tommaso.

But it isn’t the only wine fountain in the world — there’s another in Spain, for example, that dispenses red wine to pilgrims on a different religious trail. And, in fact, there is a webcam on the site that lets far-flung fans of free vino watch the action. For those who want to bring a touch of the magic of the Italian wine fountain to their own home, aJudaica offers a wide selection of beautiful wine fountains that will dress up any Shabbat table. From nickel and pewter models to elegant silver plated options, these pieces are sure to impress. Many are adorned with designs of Jerusalem, luscious grapes or graphic diamond patterns, all in a style that harmonizes shape and form with the clean lines of modern-style dcor.



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