Star Bucwild – The New York Street Pimp

Star is a born leader and is the ultimate self promoter. His unique swagger has allowed him to build an independent brand and capture the attention of a generation of new media consumers. He has embraced the cluttered world of Internet video and produced short form segments that are social commentary, humor and pop culture rants all in one package.

Star started his media career in the early 1990’s publishing a cutting edge teen magazine called Around the Way Connections that made such a huge impact in the New York tri state area it landed him on television shows such as Donahue, Geraldo and Ricki Lake. The success of the magazine and TV appearances led to him writing a nationally distributed column for Source Magazine. His ingenuity and charisma caught the attention of MTV which offered him a spot on Beat Suite giving Star the opportunity to expand his creative templates within a visual medium.

The success of Beat Suite gave Star the credibility and audience to launch his own morning show on New York’s Power 105 FM. He was so successful he quickly overtook radio legend Howard Stern’s iron clad hold on the ratings. The success of the Power 105 morning show brought Star national exposure with syndicated airplay in several major markets across America.

While on the national stage Star proved his relevance as a radio host he stayed true to his brash New York sensibilities. The show became the favorite of millions of people nationwide. During his time on the national stage Star has proven he has an uncanny ability to connect with the commonality of people. The show is fast paced, topical and worldly. Star & Buc Wild appeal to the inner most core of the population, a group that is often ignored or dismissed by other radio shows.

In January 2012 Star launched the hit MTV reality series Buckwild where he starred alongside his half brother Timothy Joseph aka Buc Wild. The show was a hit and even though it didn’t pull in the numbers of the Jersey Shore or Snooki & JWoww it still managed to attract a loyal following with 2.5 million viewers tuning into the first episode.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with star bucwild in the studio and he discussed his past as an actual street pimp in NYC, the first time he walked into an apartment building to meet a client, his cocaine and mescaline fueled days, how he got so rich despite his past criminal background, his love for DJ Vlad, why he is no fan of Big Tigger, why he doesn’t like Howard Stern, why he has never been impressed with Just Blaze, what his hate is really about, how he feels about Aaliyah, why he doesn’t fux with Hip Hop anymore and much more. Be sure to check out the full interview on our YouTube channel. star bucwild



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