Snus – A Smokeless Tobacco Product With a Twist

Snus, a smokeless tobacco product used in Scandinavia for centuries, is finally getting some attention in the rest of the world. It’s easy to understand why — snus doesn’t smell as bad as cigarettes, it doesn’t have as many of the harmful chemicals, and it has less of an impact on oral health. Plus, it can be pretty darn tasty.

The selection of snus available today is huge and keeps growing. You’ll find classic brands such as General, Goteborgs Rape, Roda Lacket and Ettan alongside modern brands like Siberia, Jakobsson’s and LYFT. You can buy loose snus in traditional bags or pre-packed portions of various strengths and sizes – from mini to super slim.

Typically, Swedish snus is made with ground up tobacco mixed with water and salt. An alkalizing agent is also added (often sodium carbonate). It’s all combined into a paste that’s placed under the lip. The result is a cool and fresh breath, a satisfying nicotine hit without the associated problems of smoking such as heart disease and cancer.

A few years ago, snus entered the market in Thailand snus but it was only with some serious work and luck that it managed to get a foothold. The main issue was that snus must be transported under strict conditions, so there’s no room for error. In addition, snus is sold under the guise of a non-tobacco product, which has been the key to its success.

Currently, the most popular brand of Swedish snus in Thailand is Viking Snus. This is a result of their hard work to get the right permits to import and sell their products, which is not an easy thing given Sweden’s strict anti-tobacco laws. Besides, Viking Snus only uses natural ingredients and only the highest quality tobacco. The tobacco is grown organically and they don’t use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This makes their snus very authentic.

Backpacker Bar, a popular hangout for travelers in Patong, has recently started offering snus as part of their offerings. Snus enthusiasts can now enjoy their favorite snus while hanging out at the pool and having some cold drinks. The Backpacker Bar is a great place to meet fellow Snus fans from all over the world and share stories about their travels. They’re known for their live music, pool tables and a great atmosphere.



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