Senior Mutual Insurance

The article discusses mutuelle senior a type of financial product designed to cover senior care costs. It is available to seniors who have a plan for how they will pay their senior care expenses. The plan can include regular exercise, a good diet and a support system to help lower senior care costs. KASMA also provided burial benefits to nonmember senior citizens who died without surviving family members or with a small amount of money to cover funeral expenses.

Health Insurance Policies are an integral part of modern life as they protect an individual financially in case sudden medical need. In addition one can avail tax rebate under section 80D by investing in Health Insurance Policies.

Tax Saving Investment like Policies has double benefit such as tax rebate and financial protection against expensive healthcare cost.

An individual can claim deductions on premiums for Policies under section 80D while calculating taxable income. Deduction on Health Insurance is allowed for self, spouse, dependent children and parents above 60 years. Premium on Health Insurance Policies covering senior citizen are comparatively high and the tax rebate on such insurance premium are also high.



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