RV Refrigerator Parts

Whether you are an RV family or a solo traveler, you need to be able to store food and drinks. And you need a refrigerator to do that. But just like any appliance, the fridge in your RV will eventually need repairs or replacement parts. This article will help you understand what the most common rv refrigerator parts are and how they work so that you can make the best decisions when purchasing or repairing your camper fridge.

First, Determine Your Needs
If you are replacing an existing RV refrigerator, the first thing to do is assess the space and size. Make sure that the new refrigerator fits the space perfectly and is compatible with your power options. Next, decide what type of refrigerator you want to get. You can choose between absorption refrigerators, which run on LP gas or AC power, or compressor-style refrigerators that use the same method as residential fridges.

Absorption refrigerators are the most popular models used in RVs today. They run on heat to send ammonia, water, and hydrogen through various tubes that create chemical reactions. The resulting evaporation and condensation keeps the refrigerator cool. These fridges do not have a freezer and only hold fresh foods. They take longer to cool down than compressor-style RV fridges and need to work harder if it is hot outside or in higher altitudes.

Compressor-style RV fridges are more commonly found in newer motorhomes and fifth wheels. They run on standard 120-volt AC electricity, which can be provided by an RV electrical hookup or a generator. These fridges have a freezer and can usually accommodate more items than an absorption model. rv refrigerator parts



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