Rockwell Hardness Tester For Sale

Whether you work in metallurgy, aerospace, automotive or other industries, a rockwell hardness tester for sale can help you accurately determine the strength of metals and other materials. These devices measure the indentation of a hardened material using a diamond or steel indenter and then calculate a number to represent the strength of the material.

A rockwell hardness tester for sale can also be used to measure the resistance of materials to deformation caused by a test load. This is a non-destructive measurement technique, and is used to test thin materials such as wires or cases for their hardness. These are often used in the aerospace industry where the integrity of parts and components is critical to safety.

The rockwell hardness tester for sale works by forcing a diamond indenter into the material to create an impression. The size of the impression is then measured and the results are compared to a preload to determine the hardness. The higher the hardness number, the stronger and more durable the material. We carry a variety of rockwell hardness testers that are suitable for use with various types of metal alloys. Our selection includes analog and digital models that can provide a variety of measurements, including the Brinell and Vickers tests.

We also offer a range of portable hardness testers for easy use in your work shop. Choose from models that are designed for use with specific metal alloys, such as a Fowler rockwell hardness tester for steel and cast iron or a Qualitest model that can perform a wide range of regular and superficial rockwell testing methods, including Vickers and Brinell tests.

Our best-selling portable hardness tester is the Phase II PHT-1900, a state of the art instrument that features an advanced closed-loop electronic force measuring system and an auto-probe direction detector. It also offers a variety of convenient functions that make it ideal for any workplace, including multiple scales and test force loading options, USB data output and storage, blazing fast testing speed and a clean crisp display.

Buehler is an established brand that specializes in manufacturing metallographic equipment, such as rockwell and Vickers hardness testers. Their products are used in metallurgical labs, heat treat facilities, workshops and inspection departments around the world. They are known for their reliability and durability, and they can be upgraded with DiaMet software to automate your hardness tests and simplify workflows. Their products are available through distributors worldwide.



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