Reserve Residences

Reserve residences offer a lifestyle that is a welcome break from the rigor of traditional active duty service. They are a great opportunity for you and your family to enjoy camaraderie, as well as types of duties that would not be available on an active duty tour. You can find out if the reserve component is right for you by visiting your retention counselor or transitional recruiter on installation.

The residential reserve system was created as part of a larger colonial drive to civilize Native peoples by introducing them to agriculture, Christianity and a sedentary life based on private property ownership. Often, the reserves were located in remote locations and posed significant challenges to accessing public services and gaining employment. Many reserves continue to be challenged by limited economic activity, inadequate housing and the lack of infrastructure like safe and clean drinking water and electricity. In response, some Aboriginals have chosen to move away from reserves and to urban centres where they can live with their families and gain meaningful employment. Some have also chosen to stay on reserves but to seek more opportunities and resources in nearby cities by utilizing the federal Addition to Reserve policy, which allows bands to purchase land within or adjacent to a city and add it to their reserve.



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