Reformer Pilates Wollongong – 9 of the Best!

If you’re tired of your same gym workout routine, we’ve found 9 of the best reformer pilates wollongong to help you break a sweat with style!

A modern take on traditional Pilates with an added tower, this class offers a dynamic movement in all planes of direction, supported by spring loaded resistance. It will challenge your body whilst opening you up to feel aligned and spacious.

KX is a studio that specialises in integrating the latest clinical Pilates equipment into their classes. Their 50-minute sessions focus on small, continuous improvements – the philosophy of ‘kaizen’ – for long lasting results. They keep their classes limited to 5 clients per class to allow for tailored, individualised attention.

Whether you’re posturally challenged or looking to improve your performance in sports, this is the class for you! They use a combination of Pilates exercises and functional training principles to help you move more efficiently and strengthen your core.

This high-intensity low impact class combines both ballet and pilates principles choreographed to upbeat music! No dance experience required and the class is designed to be as much fun as it is challenging. The workout will include a mix of barre, cardio and stretch sections using the barre, elastic bands, small weights or the mat.

With a range of casual passes, packs and memberships available to suit your lifestyle, you’ll find it easy to try this boutique studio!

If you’re new to exercise, or have a chronic injury that limits your range of movement, a private physiotherapist will assess you and design a safe Pilates program to fit your specific needs. They will also provide education to support you at home between classes.

The studio uses the latest in Pilates technology to create an engaging and effective workout for all levels of fitness. They have a team of experienced, qualified instructors who are passionate about helping their clients achieve their best. They believe that correct form and technique are crucial to achieving the maximum benefits of this incredible exercise.

This studio is one of the leading fitness businesses in the Illawarra, and has recently merged with Amplified Health – a reputable provider of allied health and clinical therapies. Their therapists are highly trained and are committed to improving their clients’ quality of life. They use evidence-based practice, and work with you to identify and address your specific goals and concerns. Savvy Fitness has a great range of personal training, group fitness and pilates classes to suit your fitness needs.



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