Real Estate Videography

The Christchurch property market is one of the most popular in New Zealand for overseas investors. However, it’s not always easy to find the right home for your budget.

Beautiful photos of a house for sale can make all the difference in attracting buyers. Professional real estate photographers offer packages to suit a range of budgets.

Professional Photography

Whether you’re selling a home or just getting married, professional photography is a necessity. These Christchurch photographers are experts in capturing your biggest moments. They know that the best photos are ones that look natural and unstaged. They also take the time to understand your aesthetic and emotional needs. So if you’re looking for a photographer that will capture your big day, check out their portfolios and packages.

Twogether photographers want you to remember your wedding day for everything it was – all the happy tears and joyous giggles. Their wedding photography packages include pre-wedding location scouting and are completely customizable. Plus, they offer add-on options like wedding videography.

My Wedding Photographer focuses on the details, ensuring that you’ll be able to relive your big day for years to come. Rather than focusing on a few key shots, they strive to get every moment right, from your partner seeing you walk down the aisle to that all-important first kiss.

The team at Hattie Studio Photography believes that photography isn’t just a skill, it’s a passion and a way to preserve the beautiful memories of your life. Whether it’s a wedding, portrait or newborn session, they will make sure your photos are breathtaking. They even have a money-back guarantee and interest-free payment plans to help you afford their services.

Walk Through Video

Taking a tour of a property is a key step in buying a home. Video walkthroughs can make the process smoother, and they can give potential buyers a sense of what it will be like to live in the house before they see it in person. They are also a great way to show off a property’s unique features and amenities.

Unlike traditional photos, real estate video walkthroughs are more immersive. They help buyers understand the layout and the flow of a property, making it easier for them to compare homes. This allows them to narrow down their options more quickly. In addition, video is one of the most engaging and shareable visual mediums, which makes it a valuable asset for real estate professionals.

When creating a walkthrough video, the length should be limited to no more than ten minutes. A longer video will lose the attention of prospective buyers. Using voice-overs in these videos can also be beneficial, but they aren’t necessary for a successful video.

In recent years, 3D virtual tours have become more popular than video walkthroughs. They allow viewers to explore a property from all angles, and they can examine the interior of rooms as well as outdoor space. Real estate agents can use these tours to promote their listings and gain more leads.

Floor Plans

real estate videography Christchurch is a great way for real estate agents to market properties. The videos help potential buyers get a better feel for the property and make them more likely to buy. This is a valuable tool for realtors and is also a popular side hustle for photographers who want to add video to their repertoire.

A floor plan is a great way to show off a property’s layout and give viewers an idea of how the rooms connect to each other. A real estate agent can use a 3D model of the home or a static video to illustrate how the room is laid out. This allows the viewer to understand how the kitchen is connected to the dining room and what type of view they’ll have out of the windows.

For the more cinematic shots, real estate videographers can use gimbal stabilizers to create smooth moving footage of a home and the surrounding property. These devices are relatively inexpensive, but they can make a big difference in the quality of the final product. The best stabilizers have a built-in microphone for recording audio and can shoot at 4K resolution, which offers the highest quality for viewing on websites and social media.

Video testimonials featuring past customers can build trust and credibility for a real estate agent. These can include interviews with homeowners or even local business people. These testimonials can encourage potential buyers to contact the real estate agent and can be used in the middle and bottom of the sales funnel.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography can provide a unique perspective to showcase a property. It can highlight the property’s proximity to local amenities such as beaches, reserves and landmarks. It can also show a variety of different angles and views that would otherwise be difficult to capture on ground level.

3D virtual tours are the next generation in marketing real estate and businesses. They offer buyers a truly immersive experience to fully inspect the property’s layout and premium features.




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