Private Care at Home

Private Care at home is a great option for seniors who need help with everyday tasks like bathing, shopping, cooking and cleaning. The assistance that a private caregiver provides can be life changing for many seniors who find themselves struggling with the responsibilities of daily living.

It’s common for seniors to feel like their lives have become a series of doctor’s appointments and treatments. Focusing solely on medical issues can leave a person feeling disconnected from their family and friends. A private caregiver can help to make a person feel like they have a support system and that their needs are being addressed by someone who truly cares about them.

In addition to providing non-medical care, private caregivers can also help with errands, transportation, meal preparation and medication reminders. They can even assist with exercise which is important for senior health, and can be something that their family may not have the time to provide.

A private home care aide can also be a respite for a family who is on vacation or away from their loved one for other reasons. The fact that they have a professional caretaker to rely on helps to ease some of the stress and anxiety that can come with the decision to take a much needed break from caring for their loved one.

There are a variety of options for funding private home care, including personal savings, insurance coverage, managed care programs, veterans benefits, Workers’ Compensation and the Department for Aging. New York Health Care’s reimbursement specialists can help to determine what options are available for each patient. Private Care at home



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