Oribe Hair Products

Achieving that perfect model blow-out or beachy waves requires more than just good products, you need a full arsenal of tools. In the hair world, oribe has everything you need to achieve any look or style. From volumizing dry shampoos to protective sprays and moisturizing conditioners, there are a few staples every beauty lover needs in their collection.

Oribe is the brainchild of celebrity hairstylist Oribe Canales, who created the line in 2008 after his celebrity clients (think Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell) demanded quality products a notch above what they were used to buying. Each product is crafted with a blend of natural, naturally-derived and optimally functional synthetic ingredients to give you the most beautiful and healthy hair possible.

Unlike other beauty lines, which use one chemist for all of their products, Oribe sought out multiple chemists to craft the best possible product in each category. This resulted in a line of shampoos, conditioners and hairspray that all stand out as heroes in their own right.

The brand combines craftsmanship, performance and decades of styling experience from the salon and editorial worlds to create a truly revolutionary line. Every detail is meticulously thought out, from the packaging—inspired by perfume bottles—to the ingredients used in each formula. All of the Oribe products are made to withstand the rigours of everyday use and are safe to use with keratin treatments.

Oribe is also committed to sustainability, which includes sourcing ingredients that are eco-friendly and ethically produced. The brand is cruelty-free, which means they never test on animals. Their products are free of parabens, sulfates, sodium lauryl sulfates, phthalates, phtalates, gluten, and artificial colors.

When you need a little extra boost, Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray is like magic in a bottle. This invisible hairspray builds incredible volume, absorbs oils at the roots for a sexy just-rolled-out-of-bed look, and smells amazing. The best part: it’s a cult-favourite for a reason!

Oribe’s Cleansing Creme for Moisture & Control is a non-foaming conditioning formula that gently cleanses while infusing your hair with hydrating coconut and almond oil. It quenches dry strands, protects color and calms frizz for smooth, hydrated locks.

Oribe’s Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Masque is a rich conditioning formula that hydrates and repairs, leaving your hair silky soft, shiny and healthy. It’s the perfect product to use when your hair is feeling particularly thirsty or damaged.

Oribe’s Hair Oil is the ultimate in luxurious hair care. It helps to protect your hair from heat damage, adds shine and smoothness, and is infused with vitamin E for anti-aging benefits. The oil can also be used to repair split ends and tame frizz. You can even add it to your favorite perfume for an added boost of scent. A must-have for all hair types! oribe hair products



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