Modern Interior Doors

Buying new interior doors for your home is an opportunity to make a big design impact that complements the style of your home’s decor. In the past, buyers would select interior doors based on their aesthetic preference but now it’s more common for homeowners to consider door models in combination with other elements like flooring and wall color.

Modern doors can be categorized into two broad categories, namely; Flush Doors and Glass Door models. The former features a smooth white or natural wood textured surface that blends well with contemporary decor. Some doors may feature cravings near the handles to add a touch of variety but they are mostly designed as a minimalistic type that is easy to maintain.

These doors are filled with an engineered solid core that is made of eco friendly wood fibers to make it sturdy and durable. These solid doors feel more substantial than hollow core doors and also help reduce sound transmission and keep the heat in. The solid doors are available in a wide array of designs and styles, but they are more expensive than their hollow counterparts.

These doors are ideal for closets and other spaces that will not have enough space to accommodate a swinging door. These types of doors disappear into the wall when they are open and can be crafted with mirrors or even metal plates to give it a unique look. Modern Interior Doors



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