Love Obsession Spells

Love obsession spells are among the most powerful of all love spells. They can create a bond of intense devotion that goes beyond the usual emotions of love and lust to produce a true and lasting obsession. These kinds of spells can also be used to create a deep love for things other than people, such as a deep love for the seas that created great explorers or an obsession for music that created great composers.

While healthy and positive love can bring two people together, obsessive feelings are dangerous to the health of a relationship. The wrong kind of obsession can eat away at love and drive a couple apart, and that’s why it’s important to use only the right kinds of magic for the right reasons.

This powerful voodoo love obsession spell will help you attract someone who is devoted to you. It’s a good idea to cast this love spell on a full moon when you can see the effects of the spell taking effect, and this ritual works best if you are using an earthy ingredient like rose petals.

To begin, write down on a piece of paper the qualities you want in your partner and a picture of them. Stick the pictures to the front and back of a red candle and say your magic chant 360 times. Afterward, bury the honey jar somewhere safe, preferably near flowers or herbs that will bloom soon and draw the caster’s energy to them.



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