Knitting With Bamboo Yarn – It’s Hip to Stitch!

Knitting evokes the image of little old ladies sitting around their nursing home in rocking chairs stitching together scarves and blankets and sweaters for all their grandkiddies. But knitting is not just for grandmas anymore! After suffering a downturn in popularity in the 80s when efficiency and modernity were all the rage, knitting is steadily becoming a popular and favorite hobby of young women again. While people no longer need to knit their own clothing from necessity, they are choosing to use knitting as a creative expression and art form of its own. In fact, in 2004, a survey by the Craft Yarn Council found that the number of women ages 25 to 34 who knit had increased an astounding 150 percent since 2002.

Much of the reason for the surge in popularity is the wide-spread availability of unique fabrics to use, including the strong, flexible and lustrous bamboo yarn.

There are many reasons to choose yarn made from bamboo to create with:

* Bamboo yarn can hold up to 3x its weight in water making it an excellent wicking material for summer clothing.

* Yarn made from bamboo is also thermo-regulating so not only will it work to keep you cool in summer, it will work just as hard to keep you warm in winter.

* It is hypoallergenic, making it ideal to use for baby items or for anyone with sensitive skin.

* Bamboo yarn offers UV properties when used in garments.

* It is extremely soft and comfortable against the skin

* Bamboo yarn is totally plant derived so it’s suitable for vegans who don’t want to wear animal fibers

* If using 100% pure bamboo yarn, it is biodegradable.

There are hundreds of things to make using yarn made from bamboo, including a Bamboo Bambino Sweater, Cabled Bamboozle Mitts, a Summertime Lace Shawl and even Bamboo Socks! To make it a truly Bamboo creation, consider using Bamboo Knitting Needles. Durable and smooth on the fabric, these needles only require a light sanding to maintain their surface. women’s bamboo leggings



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