Is Fenbendazole a Dog Dewormer For Cancer?

If you follow animal health, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Fenbendazole (or Panacur C). It’s a low-cost, effective dog dewormer and one of the most popular medications in pet stores. But it’s also a potent cancer treatment that has saved dogs and cats from fatal diseases, including tumors and lymphoma. In fact, some of the most exciting developments in immunotherapy—the newest techniques to target cancer cells and boost the body’s natural defenses—have come from animal models, including dogs.

In a series of viral Facebook posts and TikTok videos, an Oklahoma man named Joe Tippens has claimed that the dog dewormer fenbendazole cures human cancer. He says his own advanced lung cancer went into remission after he started taking the medication on his veterinarian’s recommendation. Some peer-reviewed studies have suggested fenbendazole might help treat certain types of human cancers, but more study is needed. The federal cancer agency has not found evidence to support these claims.

As cancer research continues to progress, it is crucial that dog owners understand the current state of knowledge about this disease. Educating themselves on alternative treatments is a good way to help scientists find breakthroughs that can save our pets and loved ones. dog dewormer for cancer



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