Inspirational Jewelry For Women

When someone needs a lift, they reach for the jewelry that inspires them. Whether they’re looking for a reminder to “choose joy” or the confidence that comes with a bold quote, inspirational jewelry is a great way to boost one’s spirits. JTV’s collection of inspirational jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets and rings, all in a variety of styles.

Engraved messages and stamped symbols communicate meaningful messages to the wearer. These include talismans, mandalas and affirmations that spark inspiration in the heart of the wearer. Similarly, some inspirational jewelry utilizes sacred symbols like hearts, clovers and skulls to signify protection or power for the wearer. These kinds of symbols have been used in talismans, amulets and other mystical pieces of jewelry since ancient times. When a brand works with these symbols, they create an emotional connection with customers because the symbol holds significance for them.

Many designers also incorporate gemstones that are said to hold special healing properties. These gemstones are often placed on bracelets to add color and meaning for the wearer. These stones can represent an individual’s birth month or have a more spiritual meaning such as moonstone for intuition and labradorite for transformation.

A great way to add a personal touch to the inspirational jewelry in your store is with personalized engravings or initials. The wearer of the piece can then always look back to that moment she was inspired and remember how she felt. For an even more special touch, choose bracelets with a double-sided inscription. You can even pair engraved cuffs with a simple bangle for a unique layered look. inspirational jewelry for women



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