HVac Repair Services

HVac repair services include troubleshooting, repairing or replacing heating units, air conditioners, ductwork and thermostats as well as refrigeration components. They also provide maintenance to help prevent breakdowns and extend equipment lifespan. They can work on both residential and commercial systems.

Keeping HVAC systems running at peak efficiency is crucial to saving money on energy costs and providing better indoor comfort. A clogged blower motor, for instance, will strain to perform effectively and lead to increased electricity usage. An HVAC technician can clean the motor, improving its performance and reducing energy bills.

Other common problems HVAC contractors can fix include rattling, thumping or grinding noises, poor cooling or heating, and puddles around the unit. If the problem stems from a faulty thermostat, for example, a professional can replace the sensor and ensure it’s properly calibrated.

A reliable HVAC company should have technicians who are licensed, insured and bonded. Some also offer guarantees and workmanship warranties, which are beneficial in the event a job isn’t completed correctly or isn’t fixed at all. Ask about these details when comparing service providers, and choose one with the best warranty terms.

Landlords should schedule a service check for their rental properties’ central heating and cooling systems in spring and fall each year to lubricate moving parts, measure refrigerant levels and clean coils. Doing so will reduce the need for repairs, and it can also save the landlord money on utility bills by keeping the system working at maximum efficiency. HVac repair services



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