How to Use Runner Rugs in Your Home

Runner rugs are a great addition to any home, they can be used for decoration and for comfort in places like long hallways, narrow entryways, and even stairs. Runner rugs come in different sizes and colors to match any interior design, but their most popular use is as a stylish piece that adds warmth to a room and helps prevent floors from getting scuffed or dirty due to foot traffic. They also work as a decorative touch to the room, adding color, style and comfort for guests when they come over to visit.

Carpet runners are a great addition to any space, they look fantastic in bedrooms and they can magically bring a splash of colour to any grey environment. They are perfect in kitchens and bathroom floors because they soften hard surfaces and help to prevent domestic mishaps such as slipping on wet tiles or dropping a cup of coffee onto the ground.

We have all seen movies where a glamorous main character waltzes down a flight of stairs in a glittering gown, complemented by a lush carpet runner that matches their steps. We can all afford to have a little bit of that in our homes by using a runner rug for a more luxurious and grand entrance or exit. Runner rugs are much less expensive than area rugs and they can be bought in various sizes and styles to suit any interior design.

A runner rug is usually placed on top of a wood or tile floor to create a path for people to walk across and it can be easily moved around in the space if you need it elsewhere. Its length can be adjusted to fit the space you want it in, but the width should not be too wide or you risk having a crowded look. Runner rugs are made in many materials but the best for a high traffic space are flatweave rugs because they are sturdy and can easily absorb dirt that might have been tracked into your house through shoes.

Narrow hallways and foyers benefit from the presence of a runner rug because they make these tight spaces more comfortable and official looking. They can also be a great way to highlight an antique or unique piece of furniture in the room. Having a runner rug in the foyer makes a great first impression on your visitors because it provides warmth and gives them an idea of what type of home decor you have.

Runner rugs are also a great choice for defining areas in small spaces such as apartment balconies or tiny fenced-in backyards because they add a pop of colour to the space and can act as an outdoor mat for potted plants, cozy benches (with canvas pillows), or a place for you and your family to sit and enjoy the outdoors. They can also be used to separate a dining area from a living space in the same room by placing them under a dining table.



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