How to Use Funny Pickup Lines to Attract Women

Funny pick up lines are a great way to break the ice with someone you’re interested in dating. They can be used to start a conversation at a party, bar or anywhere else you happen to meet someone who catches your eye. Using a funny pickup line can show that you have a sense of humor and that you’re a fun person to be around.

Pick up lines often get a bad rap because they’re overused and can be cringe worthy, but if you use them right, they can help spark interest and conversation. It’s important to remember that the tone and delivery of your pickup line is more important than the actual words you say. A good pickup line should be short and to the point, while still demonstrating that you have a sense of humor.

There are many different types of pickup lines that can be used, and the ones that work best will depend on the type of woman you’re trying to attract. For example, if you’re looking for a girl who loves to laugh, try a pick up line that incorporates a joke about her favorite movie or TV show. You can also try a clever pun, or a line that focuses on her physical appearance.

Avoid using pick up lines that communicate that you are only interested in her as a source of pleasure or for your own personal gain. A line like “Are you a dictionary, because my life would be incomplete without you” is not only offensive but it also communicates that you are only looking for a fantasy and not a real relationship. This is a turn off for most women, and will quickly put them on the defensive.



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