How to Turn Off the Volume Limit on iPhone

How to Turn Off the Volume Limit on iPhone

Are the volume limits on your iPhone preventing you from enjoying louder music? While steps for disabling volume limits vary slightly by manufacturer, Apple’s operating system typically remains consistent across devices – thus this article will focus on iOS version of this feature.

  1. Go to Settings

If your iPhone speakers aren’t as loud as you’d like them to be, adjusting a system setting could be all it takes to increase volume. Your steps may differ depending on the model and OS version (e.g. iPhone 5S running iOS 9); but these should help:

Turning off your volume limit is the first step towards changing settings, and to do this successfully you will need to enter your passcode to confirm. Keep this password handy in order to make any future modifications to settings.

Your phone’s mute switch provides a means to turn off all outward ringing, audio alerts and other noisy bits; it does not prevent incoming calls or system alerts from still playing through its main speaker. With iPhone’s volume limit feature you can set an upper limit volume level that prevents music from playing at unnecessarily high decibel levels while headphones are connected or when your phone is muted.

Apple provides excellent parental controls with their iPhones that include volume limit settings as part of their excellent parental controls, which also restrict apps, purchase content and more. To access Apple’s restrictions menu, navigate to Settings app > General > Restrictions; when activating Restrictions you’ll be asked for a passcode separate from that used to unlock your phone; turn off Allow Changes setting under Accounts category to stop children adjusting volume limit settings on their own.

  1. Tap Headphones

Reasons could vary for why your Beats might seem less loud: low battery power, an earwax blockage that prevents sound coming through or your device limiting volume to prevent hearing loss are just some. Luckily, however, turning this feature off should be simple enough.

Although some may find this feature convenient, it’s important to remember that listening to loud music for extended periods can damage your ears – which is why Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod touch and Apple Watch offer alerts when your audio exposure reaches its 7-day recommended daily maximum while wearing headphones.

Control how loud or how much your phone will notify you about headphone use by visiting Settings, selecting Sounds & Haptics and tapping Headphones. Make sure the slider switch for Reduce Loud Sounds is set to OFF before tapping Headphones again.

Your devices should now have the capacity to reach higher volumes without risking hearing damage from using headphones. You can easily monitor the levels of your headphone usage through the Hearing app on your device or by opening Control Center and tapping headphones icon, which will display a bar with warning if volume exceeds safe threshold levels.



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