How to Master Job Interview Preparation

Job interview preparation is about more than just reviewing your resume and preparing answers to common questions. It is also about doing research on the company and preparing questions to ask that will demonstrate your interest in the organization and position. It is important to remember that both you and the interviewer are trying to determine if this is a good fit for both of you. This includes determining whether the organization’s culture and leadership style match yours and if the role fits your skills and career goals.

Before the interview, write down a summary of your professional experience that highlights areas that aren’t covered in your resume or cover letter. This will help you prepare a quick and concise explanation to address the question, “Tell me about yourself.”

Interviewers often ask candidates to describe their greatest strengths. Preparing a list of your top three will allow you to quickly and concisely respond to this question. Additionally, you can use this information when preparing answers to behavioral-style interview questions that will ask you to provide examples of your strengths.

Prior to the interview, it is also a good idea to do some background research on the company. This may include visiting the company’s website, researching any relevant news stories on Google, and searching reviews on Glassdoor. Educating yourself about the company serves two purposes: it will help you answer questions about the company and it will demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in becoming a member of their team. Job interview preparation



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