How to Get an Accurate Quote For Moving

When you move, whether across town or to a new country, it isn’t always easy to estimate how much things will cost. Moving quotes are essential to budgeting for your move and avoiding unexpected costs. If you’re planning on using movers, here are some tips to get an accurate quote for moving that will save you money in the long run.

Local movers often charge by the hour, and the amount of time it takes to load up your stuff and unload them will affect your quote for moving. The most accurate way to receive a moving quote is for a representative to come to your home and survey the scope of your move, including any stairs or other challenges. Getting an in-person quote will help you understand the full scope of your move and prevent hidden fees and charges.

An in-person moving quote will also give you a better understanding of the amount of furniture or other items that require special handling. If you have items that are too large to fit through standard doors or hallways, or are prone to breaking in transit, your moving company may need to pay for extra equipment to safely transport them. This is an additional expense that can increase your moving quote significantly, so make sure to communicate this with a moving company to avoid surprises.

In addition to extra equipment, your move may need to include specialized labor or other services that aren’t included in your standard moving package. These add-ons are typically billed at a higher rate than regular labor, and can quickly add up. Make sure you get a detailed breakdown of all of the services your mover will provide, so that you can accurately budget for your move.

Other factors that can influence your moving quote include the date of your move, the season and even the day of the week. Spring through late summer are the most popular times for moves, and this translates to higher prices for movers. If you have the flexibility, try to move during the off-season.

Storage fees are another common hidden cost of moving. If your moving company needs to store your belongings for an extended period of time before you are able to move in, they will charge you for this storage. This can add up quickly and can be difficult to budget for, so it’s best to plan ahead and clear any storage fees with your moving company early on.

Taking the time to get a detailed moving quote will ensure that you understand exactly what your move will cost and allow you to budget for it accordingly. If you are preparing to move, contact one of the many reputable and affordable movers in New York City today for a free quote! They can help you move into your dream home and start this exciting new chapter of your life! You’ll be glad you did. quote for moving



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