How to Choose Fun Icebreaker Questions for Your Team Meetings

Icebreaker questions are a great way to introduce your team to each other. They help people feel comfortable and are an excellent tool to use for virtual meetings. However, it’s important to choose a question that is fun but not too personal and doesn’t encourage value judgments on the part of your team. For example, a social check-in that asks for three pieces of information about each member can lead to value judgments such as “Is Steve really the type of person who listens to heavy metal?”

If you’re looking for a fun icebreaker question that will help your teammates get to know each other better, try asking them a fun fact about themselves. These questions can be a bit silly and are guaranteed to make the meeting more fun.

For example, one fun icebreaker question you can ask is: “Do you prefer beaches or pools?” Another fun icebreaker question is: “What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?”

These questions are especially helpful when it comes to company-themed social check-ins, such as all-hands meetings. In addition to being more fun, they also keep your team on track and engaged during the meeting.

Other fun icebreaker questions that you can ask your teammates include: “What is your favorite movie?”, “What was the last book you read?”, and “How would you describe your perfect vacation?”. These questions are easy to answer and help your teammates open up about their interests. fun ice breaker questions



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