How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

Cabinet manufacturers must balance customer demand with material availability, shipping logistics, and worker shortages. The industry has been working with government officials to resolve these issues, but the web of interdependency across multiple industries means there’s no quick fix. As a result, kitchen cabinets are increasingly expensive and harder to find, with many dealers reporting that it’s taking 6-8 weeks for new stock orders to arrive at their showrooms.

A cabinet manufacturer’s reputation, design options, and warranty should be carefully compared before making a purchase. The best cabinet makers will offer a wide range of products and styles to suit your home’s style, while offering high-quality materials and construction techniques. You may also want to consider the availability of semi-custom and custom designs. In addition to the basic structural components of cabinetry, factors like door style and finish, wood species, and other details can make a difference in overall quality.

For example, a company like rk Miles offers several different styles of cabinets with varying finishes and features. The firm’s cabinets are available through popular home improvement retailers and through a network of independent cabinet dealers. Their semi-custom products allow you to choose from a number of size specifications and finish options, while their custom offerings provide the greatest level of customization.

Another example is Porcelanosa, which offers sleek, inventive European-style cabinetry. This company’s kitchen cabinetry is sold through thirty showrooms throughout the United States and Canada, in consultation with affiliated designers and builders. This brand also carries solid surface countertops, tile, building materials, and flooring systems that can be used to complement its product lines. kitchen cabinet manufacturer



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