How to Choose a Custom Cabinet Maker

Whether you need a new cabinet in your kitchen or want to add a built-in entertainment center to your home, you should work with a custom cabinet maker who has the experience and skills to create stunning millwork that will last. The best cabinet makers take a variety of factors into consideration when designing custom cabinets, including room size and layout, materials, and style. They have a strong design aptitude and use precision tools to ensure the final product meets client specifications.

In addition, experienced custom cabinet makers will know what’s currently trending in cabinet designs and styles. This is helpful because it helps them recommend a design that fits your home without looking dated in a few years.

They will also know how to match the cabinet materials with other aspects of your home to create a cohesive design. For example, they can suggest ways to soften transitions with adjoining rooms and address architectural considerations like load bearing walls and existing electrical and plumbing fixtures.

To determine if a cabinet maker is the right fit for your project, ask them to provide references from previous clients. If they are hesitant to provide you with a list of happy customers, that’s a red flag and it’s time to move on to another potential candidate. You can also ask for a tour of their workshop to see their craftsmanship in action. Quality professionals should be unfazed by these requests and remain eager to share their knowledge. custom cabinet maker



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