How to Bring Mindfulness Breathing Meditation into Daily Routine?

Mindfulness Meditation and Anuloma-Viloma Pranayama

You can even practice mindfulness meditation not just with normal breathing but also along with breathing exercises of pranayama, particularly alternate nostril breathing. You have to keep all steps given above just as these are. While sitting, you are required to keep the spine straight so that maximum volume of inhale and exhale can happen. Further, while inhaling and exhaling, while the focus has to remain on breath, you have to take breathing to deep levels. While inhaling you shall feel the expansion of belly right till navel and while exhaling this can be done right till the point that contraction is no longer possible.

All through the pranayama exercise, the focus has to remain on what you are doing with the breath and how the body is behaving in response to it.

Mindfulness meditation in Daily Routine

After doing mindfulness practice as mentioned above for a few months, it can be extended to daily routines. Mindfulness meditation is all about focusing on present by bringing your attention to the work you are doing. During the course of meditation, if thoughts come, you do not begin to be drawn in by these but allow these to pass by or, working opposite, bring the attention back to the work. You become aware of this fact that this is a ‘thought’ and a ‘distraction’ and have to come back to your work. Slowly it will reach a stage when there are no diversions and you remain in the meditative state while doing your work. Sound Healing



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