How to Become More Healthy

The best way to become more healthy is through gradual, sustained lifestyle changes. It’s a lot easier to stick with science-backed plans for healthy food and exercise, in an environment that is positive, supportive, and offers plenty of time to focus on them, than it is to try to do it all at once.

Getting healthy takes a combination of eating well, exercising regularly and sleeping enough. It’s also important to reduce stress levels and participate in social activities that support emotional health.

Begin by evaluating how you spend your time and energy. Are there activities that you can eliminate or cut back on? For example, do you need to take a walk after work or stop watching so much TV?

Next, reassess your diet. Start by focusing on adding more fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, especially those that are high in fiber. Choose low-fat dairy and limit added sugars. Eat more lean protein, such as from eggs, fish, skinless poultry and beans, and less red meat.

Get physical activity on most days, aiming for 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five to seven times per week. Include muscle strengthening exercises on two or three days a week.

Track your progress by tracking your food and activity choices each day, using an app or notebook. Keep in mind that it’s normal to slip up, so when you do, refocus and pick up where you left off. You may want to seek out other resources for keeping up with healthy habits, such as a fitness coach or group, a mental health program, or community supports. Bli mer hälsosam



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