How to Avoid Costly Emergency Heating Services

A broken furnace or heating system can leave your home cold and uncomfortable. The right emergency heating repair service can bring warmth back to your home and prevent further damage. The best way to avoid costly emergency heating repairs is to have a routine maintenance service performed on your HVAC system before the winter temperatures hit.

When to Use EM Heat
The EM, or emergency, heat setting on your thermostat controls your home’s back-up system (gas, oil, electric) when supplemental heating is needed. This secondary system should only be activated in emergency situations, such as when your heat pump fails due to freezing or an ice storm. If you find that your heat pump is constantly switching to EM mode, this is a clear sign that it needs a professional repair.

Odd Sounds
Unusual noises from your heating system can indicate serious problems, such as mechanical damage or a faulty gas furnace. If you hear any strange noises from your furnace, shut off the gas and contact a trusted heating repair expert in York and Harrisburg immediately.

An experienced, reliable heating company will provide prompt and thorough repairs to ensure your comfort and safety. You should look for an emergency repair service that offers 24/7 availability; performs background and drug tests on technicians; provides upfront estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee; and protects your furniture, floors and other surfaces with drop cloths and shoe covers. An emergency heating company should also offer a comprehensive maintenance plan that can prevent many problems from occurring in the first place. Emergency Heating services



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