How Does Stitch Shop Work?

When it comes to online shopping, there are plenty of options, but Stitch shop takes things a step further. The service allows you to find clothing and accessories that are personalized for you based on algorithms, so the results are more likely to be exactly what you’re looking for.

When you’re ready to get started, you can sign up by creating a style profile. The survey asks questions about your size, style preferences, and budget to help the stylists pick out pieces for you. You can also share a Pinterest board to give them more specific ideas about your style. Then you’ll pay a $20 styling fee, which is reimbursed if you keep any of the items in your Fix.

Then, each month, the stylists will send you a box with five to seven clothing items and accessories. The box will include clothing for women, men, and kids. You can choose whether you want to receive a mix of casual and workwear, or just casual or workwear. You can also specify any styles you like or don’t like, and tell the stylists if there are any brands you want to avoid.

Once you’ve received your Fix, you can return the items that aren’t right for you in the prepaid shipping bag and label provided by Stitch. You can also use the order and returns page in your Stitch account to view past orders and reorder anything you’ve kept. The service isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy shopping for clothes and are open to the idea of having a personal stylist curate your wardrobe, then it’s worth trying it out. Stitch shop



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